The Successful Graduate Course

How it works

Whether you are seeking part-time or full-time work, or an internship, while completing your studies, or are looking to secure your first graduate position, the Successful Graduate course has been carefully tailored to help you to secure employment.

You will hone your professional skills, be better prepared for the graduate employment market and access tailored graduate employment training resources that are designed to help you be successful in today’s competitive graduate job market.


successful graduate course

The Successful Graduate Course consists of 10 online modules in total, with 4 – 5 units per module. You can take the course on any device at your own pace.

Each module is designed to help you prepare the actual building blocks for your job application process, from learning about who you are, to your very first day in your new job.

Through-out each module there are videos, ‘actions for success’, case studies and ‘reality checks’.

At the end of each module, there are key module take-outs and a quiz to ensure you have grasped the content.



What you will learn – course outline

interview practice

Your own existing soft skills, personality attributes and core values

elevator pitching

How to unpack a job description

Identifying an appropriate organisational culture for you

Finding your unique value proposition and pitch to employers

How to network

The importance of confidence and resilience

Perfecting written job applications

Preparing an All-Star LinkedIn profile

Performing your best at interviews

How to manage your online reputation

Negotiating an offer

What to do on the first day at work

Course outcomes

Start your career

Beat your competition

Boost your confidence

Overcome your uncertainty

Course certificate

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